Buying a Wedding Dress on a Budget


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Dresses can vary so much in price running into the thousands for some designers. So here are a few tips to help you find the one within budget

❤ Watch out for end of season sample sales, These are usually at the start and middle of the year when new collections come out and shops need to get rid of old stock to make space for the new ones. These are sold as seen and may have a slight imperfection or 2 but the bridal shop can usually sort this out for you. Usually you can save hundreds by doing this.

❤ Places such as Debenhams, Monsoon and ASOS now have bridal ranges at fantastic prices. They have some beautiful dresses which are the same quality as bridal shops but at a fraction of the price.

❤ Wed2b is a growing favourite amongst brides. This fairly new bridal shop has a different concept to most boutiques. Firstly you don’t need an appointment, just turn up. Weekends are probably busier though. All dresses (except their platinum collection) are under £699 are you can take them away on the day. They are bought off the peg. Ideal if you need a dress quickly.

❤ If you want something different, look at prom dresses. These some in an array of different colours (even ivory, white, champagne and blush etc) These can be so cheap compared with wedding dresses but just as good quality.

❤ Preloved dresses can save you hundreds of pounds. Lots of people use Ebay to sell on their dresses after the big day at a fraction of the retail price. Usually these have only been worn once and a lot are dry cleaned ready to wear again.

❤ If you don’t want a wedding dress then don’t. There is no rule to say you have to wear a wedding dress to get married in. Yes you might want something new and a bit fancy, but just have what you want and what suits your personality.

Hope this helps ❤


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